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Wednesday afternoon. Feeling frustrated with everything. Election over, but people still being completely illogical, ungracious, and unkind. Stories needing editing, but nothing moving forward with already-edited stories to encourage me to keep up with the rest. Children, as always and forever, needing me constantly, no matter how much I’ve already done.

Nothing earth-shattering, nothing that ought to bother me, just lots of little gnat bites adding up to ferocious annoyance.

Something snapped. I put a movie on for the kids, went into Carl’s study with the door open so I could still hear them if (when) they needed me. Brought up a basic photo-editing program, and turned one of my photographs into a book cover. Went onto Smashwords and read their book on basic formatting. Went to Amazon and read their directions. Implemented their suggestions.

In the middle of all this, talked to my husband, who was also having a frustrating day. We commiserated with each other, I went back to my formatting. Movie ended, kids ended up in the study with me, playing while I worked, me trying to answer their questions and respond to their comments while still getting accomplished what I needed.

Called Carl on his way home from work. Told him he was no longer allowed to be in a bad mood. “Why?” he asked.

“Because,” I said. “I am officially a published author. And that’s huge.”

And it is.

It may be “just” a short story; it may be “just” self-published, it may be offered “only” in ebook form right now, it may not have a “professional” cover …

but it’s mine. And it’s published. And I am over the moon. I’ve dreamed of this moment almost my entire life, and I finally made that dream a reality.

Justice’s Mask, by Louise Ayers. Available at Amazon and at Smashwords.

Apparently I should snap more often!
Huge thanks to Laura, my fantastic editor, as well as Rockinlibrarian and Amo Vitam, who gave me wonderful and enormously helpful critiques. Thank are also due to all of you, who have encouraged me and walked along this road with me. This is just the beginning!

20 thoughts on “Published!”

  1. Congratulations! I just might have to follow your example. I have a book I'd like to get out there and it looks like I'm going to have to do it myself from cover to copyedits to formatting. Not ideal but it's time I got something out there.

  2. Woo Hoo! Sometimes I think I get more accomplished when I snap like that, no matter what it is. That gets from from the point of talking about doing something to actually doing it.Congratulations! I am immensely proud of you!

  3. Yeah, I finally admitted to myself that if I kept waiting for everything to be ideal, I would be waiting forever. I did have somebody else do the copy-editing for me! I don't trust my ability to accurately pick apart my own work.

  4. Thank you so much! It sounds cliche, but I honestly would not be here today if it weren't for you and Cathy – my first true writing friends. I learned more from our fanfic endeavors than I did in all my college writing classes! Plus, the encouragement and inspiration from you two kept me honest and kept me pushing myself. I'd still be waffling about waiting for golden opportunities to drop in my lap if it weren't for my friends and family!

  5. Congratulations, Louise! PS: Just saw your comment in Jody's blog and thought I'd come and check you out. Apparently a lot of my bloggers buds follow you too! :-) Great to meet you.

  6. How on earth did I miss this announcement?!? This is AWESOME!! Yey for you!! (And I love the cover, even though it's "homemade" – something to be proud of!)

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