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Finding My Ark

This has been an up-and-down week for me.

I wrote a children’s picture book. WHEEE!

I got the typical “oh that’s nice” response or, worse, no response at all from family and friends when I tried to share my excitement. WAHHH.

One friend immediately asked about illustrations, and we started collaborating that night. WHEEE!

Trying to figure out the best way to self-publish that offered me electronic options AND the freedom to offer print books to indie bookstores and local galleries on my own AND didn’t cost the sky completely and totally freaked me out. WAHHH.

I had a beautifully positive response from the few friends who did get excited for me, and my first critique partner. WHEEE!

My husband and I had one of those conversations where no one is mad at the other, but everyone ends up feeling lousy afterward (nothing to do with writing). WAHHH.

And then I got sick.

And it’s been raining for what feels like 40 days and 40 nights.

So, I’m finding an ark.

Today I’m going to wear nice clothes, bake cookies, play loud and fun music, laugh with my girls, work on sewing their skirts I cut out last week, and throw encouragement at everyone I can find, even if it is just online. I will hide myself from discouragement in joy. And hopefully when I emerge, the waters will have receded.

Just as soon as the two-year-old stops her wailing for no reason in the background.

What is your “ark” – where do you go, what do you do to rest and recover from discouragement or disappointment, or just plain blah-ness? Are you living in an area that’s been getting drowned, like me, or are you one of the ones suffering from drought? If you are, I so wish I could send you some of our wet!

12 thoughts on “Finding My Ark”

  1. No arks here, but yeah for cookies and illustrators and collaborators and finishing a children's book and for the joy of creativity that is uniquely yours. And sorry about the meh conversation with spousal unit and maybe the cookies will make the 2 year old stop crying?

  2. JA – thank you! We did manage to have a pretty good day yesterday.Ruth – The cookies did much for the two-year-old, and the flowers the husband brought home did much for us, too.Kirsten – Rain, rain, rain! Can you believe I'm actually looking forward to when it turns into snow? At least we can get outside and PLAY in that!

  3. Blah…I hate days, weeks and months that go like that. Hang in there, at least is sounds like you're trying to keep it positive. Here's what I do, I hide in books written my other people and try to not let myself think about how they're not mine. ;-)

  4. Let me try to tip the scales in your favor and add a Wheeee! to your accomplishment … Congrats on writing your children's book, very exciting!

  5. Becky – I like your idea! I did come home from the library with an enormous stack of books, half of which were brand-new (to me). That's definitely a WHEEE.Joanne – thank you! I am excited – I never thought I'd go lower than MG or thereabouts, so a picture book is new territory and very fun.Monday – Sometimes we all need that "ark" to shelter us, don't we?

  6. Hi there! Following you now! :)So, I thought this was a fun post. It made me laugh, and I totally get what you mean by the whole no one (family/friends) gets as excited as we'd like thing. They just don't get it. But other writers do, so Yaaaay! BTW, I wanted to notify you that voting is open for King and Queen of Romance. Since you nominated, I thought you'd like to vote! Three votes per person, and ANYONE can vote, so tell friends and family if you'd like. We have lots of couples, so we need lots of votes. :)www.melindawriter.blogspot.comHave a great day! :)

  7. Love the arc! Mine is my comfy chair in my office with warm blanket, coffee and book (or laptop as the case is now :) Congrats on that children's book! I look forward to hearing about your pubbing process.

  8. When I'm feeling down I go straight to twitter… I climb on the couch, curl up with my blanket and talk to my besties about my frustrations. They always get me back to 100% and I'm back in the game of writing.Congratulations on the children's book! Best of luck self-publishing! I admire those who dive in to that pool! Very daring and very rewarding!I'm a new follower! So nice to meet you :D

  9. Melinda – thanks for the update on the contest! I'm miffed that no one else has voted for MY couple yet, though I suppose that's what happens when I pick a more obscure couple. Silly me! And yes, it is wonderful to be friends with other writers, who are able and willing to share in our ups and downs.Elle – mmm, warm blanket and coffee and book sounds great. Even though it's been 80 degrees here lately (Fahrenheit, not Celsius) and we've all been dying of the unexpected October heat. More likely to go for ice cream than warm blankets!Jen – thanks for visiting and following! Self-publishing is a little daunting, I have to say, but also really exciting, and the challenges there seem more suited to my abilities than the challenges involved in traditional publishing. It's an adventure, that's for sure.

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