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WARNING: This post has nothing to do with writing. It is, in fact, mostly bragging on my kid. Because along with being a writer, I’m a MOM, and occasional bragging on my kid goes with the territory.

These two pictures were taken the first time Joy was on the ice. She made either me or my sister carry her the ENTIRE time. Granted, she was a tiny three-year-old at the time, but still, we were SORE the next morning. She has loved watching ice skating with me ever since she was a little baby, but the reality of stepping on the ice scared her to death.
This was her third time on the ice. She didn’t even want to hold my hand by then! She also insisted I show her how to bunny hop. No fear at all, and even the few times she fell, she laughed.
photo by lis hurlbut
First time on single-bladed skates, showing her sister how it’s done.
And THIS is from her first day of Snowplow Sam (that’s the lowest level of skating classes from the United States Figure Skating Association, by the way) in January.

And THIS is last Sunday, when she brought home a certificate stating that she’d passed all of Snowplow Sam, and is ready to start Basic 1 in the fall!
Not bad, for a little over a year. Her first-ever skating show is this Sunday, and my parents, Carl’s mom, my sister and brother-in-law, and possibly Carl’s sister are all coming out to watch and cheer her on. It’s not just about the skating, it’s about finding something she loves, overcoming her fears about it, and excelling at it.
Hmm, maybe there really IS something in here applicable to writing after all …
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9 thoughts on “Lessons”

  1. I once did a post – years ago now, on Xanga – titled "Everything I Know I Learned From Figure Skating." It is amazing how many life lessons one can pick up from the ice. Even something as simple as keeping your head up and eyes forward means you fall down less!

  2. So sweet! I am envious of any ice-skating ability. It's not a very common activity down here; ice rinks are rather few and far between, so southern kids grow up roller skating (in my generation at least) which is just not as pretty. I am hoping to get T out to our local rink soon, though.

  3. I've never been on roller skates (though I did attempt roller blading for a bit when I was a teenager – very tricky when you live in hilly country with no sidewalks, let me tell you), so I kind of envy people who can do that.

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