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Autumn Favorites

What are your favorite autumn reads?

There’s something about this time of year that just makes me want to curl up with a blanket, cup of tea, and a classic. This is my time of year to tackle a new Dickens (new to me, obviously – it’s not like he’s coming out with a new serial every year anymore), or delve back into Anna Karenina for the fifth time (maybe THIS time I’ll actually finish it), or revisit some old favorites such as Austen or Gaskell.

Fantasy tends to take a back shelf in autumn. Even “newer” classics – the LM Montgomery books, the Betsy-Tacy series, those sort – don’t hold quite as much appeal at this time of year.

Certain mysteries are still a good choice for me, though: anything atmospheric. Charles Todd’s Inspector Rutledge books, for example, or anything by Josephine Tey.

I’m currently reading through a couple fantasy books that my uncle brought me this weekend, books that were his all-time favorites when he was younger that he’s wanted to share with me for ages. After that …?

Well, I still have my non-fiction research books I’m working through. To be perfectly honest, though, I am SO SLOW when it comes to nonfiction; I’ll probably be working through those books for the next two months or more. So, my fiction reads when it comes time to take a break from learning about the history of the CIA?

Emma or Persuasion (or both), definitely. North and South, absolutely (MR THORNTON > MR DARCY). Take another whack at Anna Karenina, or give War and Peace a try. Maybe pull A Tale of Two Cities off my shelves. Who knows?

Do you all have any recommendations for me? What’s your favorite fall read?

13 thoughts on “Autumn Favorites”

  1. Ooh… Rebecca is good. In the fall, I love anything based in the young United States. I'm so trained by how we would study Literature chronologically in school, that I always want to read that stuff in the fall. Also, reading about things set in the East seems good and fallish. Also, I always want to pick up some Poe. a little Jane Eyre. Oh, to only have time to read it all!

  2. How about Pilcher's "September"?And, hey, have you noticed that Thornton and Darcy aren't the only parallels between those books? Both have the rejected proposal scene right smack-dab in the centre of the story; both have the man totally flabberghasted at being rejected; both are about the woman dropping her prejudices and changing her misguided ways… I've never read Charles Todd. Will have to check it out.

  3. Good point about the comparisons! And that even with their prejudices, the heroines manage to inspire changes for the better in the men that love them.Actually, now I want to watch North & South again, not just read it. Richard Armitage in a cravat FTW!

  4. I watch the four hour North and South and I'm dying to read the book. I swear I'll get to it someday! Richard Armtiage is so nice to look at :) Anyway I'm reading the Mistborn series becasue it's creepy and bit gory, perfect for October, lol!

  5. I love the idea that certain types of books have a season in which they should be read–or at least a more fitting season. Anna Karenina is one of my all time favorites. You must finish–the end is one that has stayed with me for years.

  6. Some Austens are definitely more spring and summer reads (Emma, for example). I'm not a huge Bronte fan overall – love Jane Eyre, but I'm fairly indifferent on all the rest that I've read (except for Wuthering Heights, which I frankly hated).

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