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Moving Forward

Listening to Neverwhere on BBC Radio 4. Tying a quilt. Taking quick breaks for Twitter and blog posts. Writing a drabble for a Prydain challenge on ff.net.

That’s my Sunday night. How’s yours?

This past week was a rough one. Lot of emotions stirred up by events happening in the world. You know how that goes? Most of the time, you’re aware of tragedies and injustices, and you feel sorrow, but it doesn’t affect you that much – it can’t, because you still have to live and work and love, and if you collapse under every weight, you simply can’t function. But then … then some days, it just all piles up, and suddenly it’s too much, and you just have to stop and weep for a little while, before you can pick yourself up and keep fighting the good fight.

This past week was a “stop and weep” week for me. But now I’m back on my feet, back to being able to enjoy simple pleasures, to delight in my family and the gifts God has given me, back to moving forward and shining light in a darkened world.

(And yes, I am aware that something as dark as Neverwhere is an odd listening choice when one is cheering up, but oh my, it is fascinating. The brilliance alone makes it a worthwhile listen.)

In happier news, I have been doing better at sticking with a schedule and getting things accomplished this past week! Slow and steady does it, not freaking out if I slip off schedule, and not caring if it’s more boring to follow a schedule than to go about life at my own whimsy.

Also, I made a raspberry cheesecake. YUM.

So, here’s to a better week this week than last. Here’s to carrying the light through the darkness no matter what.

7 thoughts on “Moving Forward”

  1. Your cheesecake looks amazing!Sometimes it is hard not to be overwhelmed by all the suffering. I'm glad you were able to "weep with those who weep" and still go on.

  2. The crust on the cheesecake was a little burnt, but other than that, it was delicious. Good thing, since I ended up eating most of it myself!I've been thinking of Ecclesiastes, and I believe that last week was one of those "time to mourn" times. We'll see what this week ends up being a "time for …"!

  3. Our pastor did an in-depth series through Ecclesiastes not long after I moved here (and got Lyme) and it was so, so interesting and moving and real. check it out on SermonAudio (http://www.sermonaudio.com/search.asp?speakerWithinSource=&subsetCat=&subsetItem=&mediatype=&includekeywords=&exactverse=&keyword=Bill_Edgar&keyworddesc=Bill+Edgar&currsection=sermonsspeaker&AudioOnly=false&SpeakerOnly=true&keywordwithin=ecclesiastes&x=-605&y=-407)(sorry i forgot how to shrink a link). your cheesecake looks divine! was it for your birthday? i ended up making sea salt thyme chocolate chunk cookies and marzipan truffles

  4. I'll have to check that series out, thanks.Those cookies sound amazing! I was going to go with the rosewater cheesecake, but we couldn't find rosewater in any of our grocery stores, so I improvised. :-)

  5. That cheesecake looks fantastic. Yum. And yes, I know exactly how that goes, that kind of week. When suddenly the darkness and the pain of the world slams you to the ground, and you can't do anything but weep. It's important to take care of yourself when that happens. Your little people need you – *you* need you. Have a piece of cheesecake, a cup of tea, and maybe a lovely book for yourself… Take care!

  6. Thank you! I already finished off the cheesecake, BUT two Ngaio Marsh books that I ordered for my birthday finally arrived in the mail yesterday, so I am well set for books. Maybe some scone-baking is in order today …

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