The question we’ve been asked most often recently is “So are you getting excited about the move? Nervous?”

Up until just a day or so ago, my answer was always “Nah, pretty calm about the whole thing, actually.” There are certain aspects to the move that excite me (living so close to Boston! Living so close to THE OCEAN! Being able to explore new places, etc), and certain aspects that make me nervous (figuring out homeschool requirements in a new district and state. Living in an apartment again after six years of duplexes/houses. Exploring new places, etc), but about the move overall, I’ve been calm.

Yesterday, stress started to set in (there’s some alliteration for you!). I’ve reached the packing stage where I’m trying to make sense of all the little things (how do I pack everything that’s been scattered all over my dresser top for months because I can’t throw it out but there’s no other place for it?) and figure out the bare minimum of what we need to survive for the next week so I can pack everything else.

Along with the stress, though, has come a certain building excitement. When the pillows and mattress cover that will transform our daybed into a couch (our old sofa is too big and clunky, so we’re selling it & using the daybed) arrived in the mail yesterday, it was a definite thrill, envisioning them in our new living room. As I tape closed boxes of kitchen supplies, I imagine unpacking them in my new kitchen, and preparing and eating meals as a family in our new home. When the girls squabble and fuss with each other, I pry them apart and think gratefully of how soon this time of uncertainty will be done and they’ll be settled back down into their usual (mostly) cheerful selves.

So yes, now I am getting excited, right along with the stress. Moving is never fun, per se, but it can be thrilling. And it’s taken a while, but that thrill is finally sinking in with me.

One week and one day!

6 thoughts on “Excitement”

  1. I havent’ moved in so long I’m kind of forgetting the whole process and all the emotions… except I just helped a close friend pack up and move away… had to deal with my own emotions at losing a nearby friend. But I do wish you the best!

    1. Thanks! We got the truck loaded and it is at its halfway point tonight. Mom and I finished cleaning the house and are staying in a hotel tonight before driving the whole thing tomorrow. It’s a whole lot of craziness, but I think it’ll be fantastic in the end.

  2. I’m so far out of the loop, I didn’t even realize you were moving! I hope that my tardiness finds you safely ensconced in your new place. Having just made a big move myself, I know some of the sensations – positive and negative – that go with the territory, but it sounds like your attitude is positive and open. Good luck to you and your family!

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