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Bits and Pieces

-I’m working hard to get Magic Most Deadly up and running by the publication date. I’m trying to play it cool (not really), but inside I’m jumping up and down and squealing.

-To celebrate MMD’s launch, I’m running a giveaway on Goodreads. Check it out and enter for a chance to win a paperback copy (US and Canada only, sorry).

-When I planned the date for MMD’s cover reveal, I missed the fact that it was happening the same day as Alex Cavanaugh’s book launch for CassaStorm, the third and final book in his Cassa trilogy. Poor timing on my part! So now I’m a week late, but still – go check it out. Alex is a great guy, and a huge support and encouragement to writers and bloggers online. Wishing you great things with this book, Alex!

-After finishing everything with MMD, I suffered from writer’s ennui for a while. Do any of you experience that? Just kind of drifting about, feeling empty, even if you have another project you’re in the middle of or about to start? It takes a while to dissipate, but the fog is clearing now, and I think I’m ready to dive back into Wings of Song.

-After that (or during, depending on how the muse strikes), I have the next Maia and Len book to write. I’m already excited about that.

-One thing that possibly helped shoo away my ennui was all the fun we had last week. My dad was visiting, and we went to the aquarium, ocean, library, playground, and just generally had a great time. Definitely help fill my creative well.


-Happy Monday, all! Next Monday will (providing all goes well) be the announcement of Magic Most Deadly’s launch!

4 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces”

  1. I’ve yet to experience writer’s ennui, but I certainly get reader’s ennui – when I’ve just finished a really great book, and want to read for an hour before bed, and don’t have another book by the same author to go on to. It’s like “What’ll I read now? Meh…”

    1. Oh, I get that too! Thankfully it doesn’t seem to last as long as writer’s ennui. And sometimes I can stave it off by picking up an old favorite to read, just to bridge the gap between that really great book, and the lesser books I’ll have to read after.

  2. I get both reader’s and writer’s ennui. But oftentimes, they balance each other out. Sometimes when I feel empty as a writer, I need a really good book to re-charge my creativity. And when I feel “tired” of reading, writing will reawaken my need for characters, plots, and world of words.

    Either that or, like you, a nice vacation. :)

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