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Autumn Glories

I love this season. When I was younger, I loved winter (skating, sledding, skiing, hot cocoa and cozy sweaters) and summer (swimming, berry-picking, berry-eating, sunny day dreaming) the best. The older I get, the more I appreciate the moderate seasons. I’m not even going to try to psycho-analyze that – it doesn’t take a genius!

I do find myself craving spring after just a little bit of winter now, and craving autumn a short way into summer. I miss the light more than anything in winter, but I don’t handle the extreme heat of summer well. AT ALL.

This autumn has been a little bit warmer than my ideal. BUT it’s still been glorious.

Outside the local library
Outside the local library

20131019_095425 20131019_101724

Enjoying a weekend hike to finish up Carl's Reading Week
Enjoying a weekend hike to finish up Carl’s Reading Week
I wish I could have captured the sun-reflecting-on-water-reflecting-off-leaves in this picture.
I wish I could have captured the sun-reflecting-on-water-reflecting-off-leaves in this picture.



What’s your favorite season?

6 thoughts on “Autumn Glories”

    1. I still like winter, but I struggle so much with SAD that it’s just not as much fun for me as it used to be. It’s always better when we get snow, though – the years where winter is just cool and rainy are so much worse than when it’s cold and snowy.

      (Says the woman who wants to live in England.)

  1. I always like the beginning of every season best: catching the first flowers blooming, the first day you can really run around without a jacket, the leaves changing, the first snow– the beginning of Winter is also helped by CHRISTMAS being there…. I figured out that my two least favorite months are February and August– the two months when you’ve grown sick of the extreme season they’re in. So I think I, too, may love the spring and fall that replace those months best, too. Maybe fall more than spring, even. But honestly, it’s really the change of seasons I love more than any particular season!

    1. Ooh, insightful. You’re right, February and August are brutal. March sometimes, too, because you feel like it SHOULD be spring, but oh hey, here’s another snow storm! Maybe this is why I love June and September so much …

      1. I was going to say, well, I’ve always been fond of March because it’s my birthday month, but then I remembered that it’s yours, too, so I guess it doesn’t prove anything.

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