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I sliced my thumb pretty badly Thursday evening as I was chopping onions for supper. After I bled through multiple layers of bandaging, Carl took over the rest of the food prep so we could eat. Then last night, as I was bemoaning the state of the kitchen since I hadn’t been able to wash dishes for two days and we had company coming today, he without saying a word took a break from necessary studying to wash all the dishes.

I didn’t plan to incapacitate my left thumb right around Valentine’s Day, but it certainly did give Carl a wonderful chance to show humble, everyday, extraordinary love on the day set aside to celebrate such things.

It was even better than chocolate.

4 thoughts on “Valentines”

  1. My man’s not a romantic – but while I would love getting some flowers or chocolates occasionally, I always say he could just tape a big bow on the washing machine when he’s fixed it (again), or on the wet-dry vacuum when he cleaned up the flood from the burst pipes in the basement (at 2AM when he was sick with a cold, no less). Doing that says “Love” so much more than red candy hearts on a predetermined day of the year. And that’s a message that needs to be put out there – THIS is the kind of love that makes a relationship work.

    1. I did get flowers yesterday too, but it’s definitely the combination of the (admittedly rare) romantic gestures and the (quite frequent) quiet acts of service toward his family, whether it be sitting down to read a story to his girls or chopping veggies for me so I don’t bleed all over the potatoes, that show me his love the most.

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