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Author Vs. Engineer

Me to Carl: I have about a million different thoughts all tangled together right now, and every time I try to pull one loose it gets all snagged in the others and everything gets knotted up worse. Basically my brain is one big messy ball of yarn.

Carl to me: Huh.

Me to Carl: Yeah, I know. Your brain is like an excel spreadsheet.

Carl to me: Well, pretty much.

5 thoughts on “Author Vs. Engineer”

  1. From a fellow “ball of yarn brain,” I can totally relate to this. :-) Your description of the “million different thoughts all tangled together” is exactly the way I feel a lot of the time, LOL. is my secret tool for keeping the million thoughts in some semblance of order, ha ha. :)

  2. Roll the spread sheet up and wrap it in yarn. Or make a map by pinning lengths of yarn on the spread sheet. He still might not get it but he will be mystified!

  3. My husband isn’t an engineer but my son is in college studying electrical engineering. He says things to me like “Why does it take you so long to say something? Can’t you just say it in one sentence?” My answer, “Not really. Here’s why….” ;)

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