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Already Booked (My Life, That Is)

Worked some on From the Shadows today and thought, “Boy, if I could just take one week where I did nothing but write (like I did when I wrote the initial novella), I could have this sucker done.”

Then I looked at our school schedule calendar and saw that we don’t take a week off until mid-October. And that week is already booked for finishing sewing the kids’ Halloween costumes and, if there is any time left after that, making them some fall dresses.

Sigh. I guess pecking away at it here and there, during the evenings and in between math and grammar lessons, will have to suffice.

2 thoughts on “Already Booked (My Life, That Is)”

    1. I got sick on Friday and managed to make one of Gracie’s fall dresses, and then followed that on Saturday afternoon with a fall dress for Joy. Too brain-fogged to write, but at least got those out of the way so that I can give time that would have been spent, later, on those to writing instead. It’s little things like this that give me hope.

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