Giveaway Update

Hey guys, no fear, the giveaway is still running! I just wanted to add an addendum of sorts as we get closer to Saturday:

Amazon can often take a few days before reviews show up on the book page. That being the case, I am willing to operate under the honor system as we get closer to the deadline. If you write a review between now and Saturday and the review doesn’t go live until after the deadline, leave a comment on the blog post telling me that you’ve done the review, and I’ll believe you.

Quick recap of the updated rules, then:

Leave an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads on any of my four books and comment on the original giveaway post with either a link to the review or the assurance that the review has been left, and you will be entered to win a signed copy of Magic & Mayhem (or one other of my books, if you already have M&M). One entry for each review, and the entries are based on quantity, not quality. So long as it is honest, I don’t care if the review is one star or five, one word or 100. Contest ends Saturday 5/19 at midnight EST.

A review of any one of these books will get you an entry! Review more than one, you get more than one entry!

Links to the book pages are in the original post, so go check it out and get busy reviewing and entering to WIN!

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