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Snippets of Stories in Other People’s Worlds

I have been diligently working on Book 3 of Whitney & Davies this spring, but in case you’re looking for something light to read while you wait, I have also been slowly posting some of my older (but still loved) fanfiction stories onto AO3 (Archive of Our Own). I have not put up any of the old LM Montgomery works (my main “fandom” back in the day!), but I do have a Narnia story, a Lloyd Alexander story, an Oz story, an Edward Eager story, and a Kate and Cecilia story. And who knows, by the time you read this, I might have more up!

I will let you know the release date of Whitney & Davies #3 when I have a better idea as to when it will be finished, and I’m hoping to have some exciting news related to starting a monthly newsletter to share with you soon, as well. In the meantime–

Enjoy some examples of me playing in other writers’ sandboxes!

Archive of Our Own