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Comfort … Snacks?

I loved hearing about all the different comfort drinks that people crave – thanks so much to everyone who chimed in with an opinion! It’s always immensely fun for me to learn about the ways in which people are similar, and where they’re different. (Why no, I’m not a character-based writer at all, *coughcough* yes I totally am.)

Prompted by the variety of comfort drinks people have, I asked on Twitter about comfort foods, specifically snacks, and so of course now I want to expand that here on the blog as well. Dark chocolate is a common theme (count me in on that one), as well as various baked goods.

So, what’s your comfort food, more specifically your comfort snack? That which you eat alongside your comfort drink?

I love food, a lot, so it’s hard for me to narrow it down. Basically, if I can eat it easily in one hand while reading, and it goes well with a cup of tea, I’m going to enjoy it. But like I said above, dark chocolate is definitely toward the top of that list. Scones, also, or biscuits, or homemade bread … I’d better stop there, or I’ll make myself (and all of you) too hungry.

Have at it in the comments! I’m having a blast with these posts.

7 thoughts on “Comfort … Snacks?”

  1. I love to eat Nacho Cheese Doritos. I’m serious. Also, quest blanco and homemade tortilla chips are my comfort foods. Sometimes I want a little milk chocolate, but I usually prefer the salty to the sweet. Oh, and dill pickles, even fried dill pickles. In the summer I also adore homegrown tomatoes. Obviously my comfort foods aren’t healthy.

    1. I have times when I will go for the salty or savory … but my sweet tooth is undeniable. Sadly. Why can’t I consider salad a comfort food? I’d be so much healthier.

  2. Baked goods. More so than chocolate, actually. Cookies, cakes, gooey cream-filled stuff… They don’t keep well though, so I don’t have them around that much (fortunately :P ). But yes, chocolate as well. And – ahem – gummi bears. I totally pig out on gummi bears if there are any around.
    I practically never crave salty or crunchy food, come to think of it – I only eat chips because they’re there (and have MSG in them which makes you keep eating).

    1. Yeah, that darn MSG. So addictive!

      I’ve never cared for any kind of gummy candy, myself. Skittles, on the other hand … it took a lot of willpower to not steal them from the kids’ Halloween stash this fall!

      My preference with baked goods is on the slightly-less sweet side – biscuits, scones, french bread, etc. But I rarely refuse a slice of cake or a cookie if offered!

      1. I haven’t got much of a sweet tooth either. I love anything with mint. Peppermint creams got me through my introduction to hikes (a corbett on the Ross of Mull) and whenever I come across them, I have a weak spot for peppermint squares. Mostly people equate mint with toothpaste so the cafes in town are low on these and I end by baking them. Otherwise it’s anything citrusy, lemon loaf especially.

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