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Summer Doings

From the Shadows is on its last round of betas before being sent to my editor.

Rivers Wide is a complete first draft, and is simmering before I tackle the second.

I am 5 1/2 chapters in to Magic Most Deadly’s sequel, and the plot just clicked into place while I was preparing supper tonight, leading to a frantic scramble to jot down the outline and how everything connects together while simultaneously not letting the food burn. (The glamorous life of a writer!)

I also discovered Azalea’s Dolls the other day, and have been happily procrastinating whenever I hit a stone wall in my writing by creating dolls of my characters. The options are limited for creating outfits that look even remotely 1920s-ish, but …

Maia Whitney, practicing magic
Maia Whitney, practicing magic
Maia Whitney, dressed up for the Magicians' Ball
Maia Whitney, dressed up for the Magicians’ Ball
Maia's magician friend Helen Radcliffe, also ready for the Magicians' Ball
Maia’s magician friend Helen Radcliffe, also ready for the Magicians’ Ball


As you can see, I’m making do.

In other news, we recently spent two weeks visiting family, and one week recovering (i.e, sleeping), are doing our best to keep from melting in the heat, and are planning a fun getaway for next weekend, when Carl and I celebrate our 11th—11th!—anniversary. The kids will go to Grandma’s and pick raspberries and swim in her pool, and he and I shall go to a B&B in the White Mountains, and everybody will be happy, including Grandma. This will be Carl’s and my first time getting away without the kids since having kids. I think it’s time!

I’ve been doing Camp NaNoWriMo again this July, and while I really sputtered with getting started, I’m picking up steam now. I would love so much to get the first draft to MMD’s sequel completed this summer! But we’ll see. Of slightly more importance is making sure this summer is a time of rest for all of us, so that we can face the fall routine gladly when it comes.

Or if not gladly, at least without being so exhausted it makes us want to cry. (Which is what happened to me last year, and which I would really like to not repeat …)

How is your summer going, friends?

5 thoughts on “Summer Doings”

  1. I am recovering from a week spent working Vacation Bible School at our church. We had 600-700 kids. Mostly I was in charge of four girls age 4-5, but it was exhausting. I loved it though and will do the same next year. It hasn’t left much time or energy for writing though.

    I love that everything just clicked for you for MMD’s sequel tonight. I LOVE whenever that happens. That’s when you know you’ve got something good.

    I can’t wait to read the second draft of Rivers Wide.

    Wow! Eleven years. Do you realize that we’ve known each other almost as long now? Wow.

    1. Wow, that is a LOT of kids. We missed out on VBS this year – it happened while we were traveling. Which was exhausting enough!

      I am so thankful, every day, for stumbling across the LMM section of ff.net, and thereby getting to know you and Cathy. What a rich friendship has sprung out of that! Maybe one of these years we’ll actually meet in person.

    1. Misha, the blog tour sounds like fun! As for winter … well, I’m not quite ready to see that in this part of the world again (especially since Boston just barely got rid of the last of its snow last week), but a few more days of hot, humid weather, and I’ll be happy to trade with you. :-)

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