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Psst …

From the Shadows is still in the midst of the “being released” process, BUT you can get the new edition on Smashwords for FREE right now! It’s also free at Barnes & Noble. It’s $0.99 at Amazon and the more people who share links to Smashwords and B&N on the Amazon page to report a lower price, the better chance there is of them letting me drop it to free there, as well. (And that is, alas, the only way it will get to free on Amazon, so please please please, report those lower prices!). My goal is to have it free in ebook form everywhere by the end of the month, but I do need your help with that.

Also, reviews are desperately needed in order for the book to show up in search algorithms and the like, so after you pick up your free (or less-than-a-dollar) copy, please leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads or both. This Indie author thanks you!

Once all the sites are aligned and everything is officially in order, I’ll update here again. Consider this your special pre-sale deal, offered to faithful blog friends before going out to the general public!

UPDATE: It is the old edition, but it is now free on Kobo as well, as my dear friend A.M. Offenwanger pointed out in the comments! Which made me check iBooks, and sure enough, it’s old but free there as well. So while you might want to hold off getting it from either of those places, you can at least use them to request a lower price from Amazon!

7 thoughts on “Psst …”

  1. Hi Louise!
    I wanted to download and read your book especially since you are having a free trial! But I don’t know how to do this as I don’t belong to any Social Media. Any suggestions for this MAC user since the 1980’s! I really don’t want to download any apps either. So probably I am just out of luck on this. But thought I would ask just in case there is someway I can do it.
    Best wishes on your revised book!
    Blessings too!

    1. Nancy, you can download it as a PDF through Smashwords and then either read it on your computer or print it out and read it that way–OR I can bring a paperback to church for you once I have a few on hand, if that would be easier. :-)

        1. I think it can take a while for the changes on Smashwords to “take” across the other platforms. Should happen within a few days.

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