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I sat down the other day and wrote out a list of the stories I am working on, and the ones I would like to be working on within the next few years.

It’s quite the list.

First, there’s the next Whitney & Davies book, and the two I have loosely plotted to follow that one. (Both Yorkshire and Cornwall inspired a new W&D story, and I’m really looking forward to getting those written and revisiting both places in my imagination.)

Newnham College in Cambridge provided the inspiration for W&D Book 3–set at the fictional Saint Dorothea’s, the college for magicians hidden inside Cambridge University
The ruins of Fountains Abbey in the Yorkshire Dales provided the inspiration for W&D Book 4
The gloriously wild and rugged (or at least it was gloriously wild when we were there, thanks to all the storms) Cornish coast is the setting for W&D Book 5

Then there’s the unexpected sequel to From the Shadows, which might??? lead to a third book? I’m still not sure. Quite frankly, there wasn’t even supposed to be a sequel, so clearly I am not the one in charge of these stories, I just go where they direct.

I have plot outlines sketched in for a total of six novellas in the Pauline Gray series, and I would hope to be able to carry that series out even longer so long as the characters and stories don’t get stale–for readers as well as for myself.

You would think that would be enough, wouldn’t you? But no–I have ideas for a middle grade fantasy book, a young adult fantasy book, and a cozy mystery series. And this doesn’t even take into account the stories that pop into every author’s imagination and demand to be written!

I’m not complaining, not at all. It’s wonderful to have such a wealth of stories to play with, so many different worlds and characters to explore and share with readers. I am in no danger of getting bored for the next several years, that’s for certain.

So tell me: what sort of projects do you have teeming in your brain these days? What are some of your short-term and long-term creative goals? Whether it be gardening or knitting or sewing (oh, don’t get me started on my knitting and sewing projects!) or pottery or painting or baking or anything else creative at all! I’d love to get inspired by what’s inspiring you.

There’s a story waiting to be revealed here, too, it just hadn’t made itself known to me yet. Maybe you’ll be luckier … or more attuned to its whisper.

4 thoughts on “Projects”

  1. Well, you know what some of my projects are… And there’s always more. Although I’m a bit ambivalent/torn about having “goals”, per se. I started out the year with some very clear goals (“Write one fairy tale flash fiction story a week”) then crashed & burned just a few weeks in – and then I’d already missed the goal, so gave up entirely. So that wasn’t useful. On the other hand, I got some creative stuff done that I’d never planned on at all, such as recording & editing videos for YouTube – so not a “goal” that was ever set, but got met nonetheless. But then, on the other other hand, I love the feeling of satisfaction from setting *and meeting* a goal…

    1. Oh, that’s always the trick with goals, isn’t it? Balancing between holding yourself so strictly to them that you get discouraged when you inevitably slide off the path, and finding the satisfaction in reaching the goal you’ve been striving for. I guess I’m trying to counter that by holding all these goals loosely. We’ll see if it works!

  2. Oh man, this post makes my reader/writer heart do flip-flops. Those settings look FANTASTIC for W & D sequels! And…a sequel (plus??) for From the Shadows?! I can’t wait. That story is my favorite of yours so far, and I’m so thrilled there will be more.

    My projects…yes, I’ve got enough to keep me busy for a few years too. I’m outlining the sequel to the first book I just published (yay!). Then there is another story I’m stuck in, a standalone Beauty & the Beast retelling set in the same world as my other book, but I feel like I’m spinning my wheels on it right now. But I believe in the story so much, I know it’ll come through eventually. After those two, I might take a break from novels and finish the two short story collections I’ve begun. Then there are at least two more books set in the world of my first novel, possibly standalone but related…yikes, gotta go. My three-year-old is eating my arm with a fake donut. Cheers to us moms who write in the cracks! I’m so excited to see what you put out in the next few years.

    1. Isn’t it great when you know a story has such potential that you don’t mind letting it simmer? I feel somewhat like that with this FTS sequel. I wanted to do one for the longest time because I loved the characters so much, but every time I tried the plot just stalled out. It was too much “sequel for the sake of a sequel” instead of “story that needs to be told.” When the story did finally come to me, I knew it had been worth the wait! It’s not exactly the same situation as your Beauty and the Beast retelling, but I’m sure you’ll get that “ohhhh, THIS is why I couldn’t write it before” moment with that one, too.

      Good luck with growing a new arm since your old one has been eaten, with a fake doughnut no less. ;-)

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